What You Really Need To Know

Some Things you really should consider

An often overlooked part of the build with many companies is not including electrical connection to your home. We do this within our price by running armour cable from your fuse board to your new room where we install a new sub-fuse board as well. This system is signed off by a qualified electrician. Don’t forget Cat 5 cable.

“Fully insulated” does not mean anything. Not all insulation is equal. Our specification is probably the best available, incorporating both internal and external insulation. Ask about our U values.

What are U Values?
Thermal performance is measured in terms of heat loss, and is commonly expressed in the construction industry as a U-value or R-value. We will discuss with you more about this on our site visit.

The most important part of the build. We include screw pile foundations in our specification. There are several advantages of this system over concrete slabs and other systems that can and very often are affected by what is termed soil heave. Generally this is on clay soils or near trees and vegetation. One other advantage is that it allows airflow underneath the floor and best of all, no concrete.
Take note that suppliers asking you to provide a concrete slab do not have control over the soil conditions and depth of the slab. This is not the best way forward.

Sound Insulation
Playing music, video conferencing and next door neighbours. We take sound insulation as seriously as we do Thermal insulation. It comes as standard, not an option.

Whilst a sweet little dormouse might be a delight to see, Reggie rat is a visitor we don’t want invading your new office space. Our base is protected by a special material which can be seen on our site visit to you.

So Called 10 Year Insurance backed warranty
These seemingly attractive warranties only come into force when the installer goes out of business and hence cannot undertake any warranty repair.

Insurance for on-going works
You really do need your installer to offer “Builders All Risk” Insurance as well as public liability. Builders All Risk is so important.

On Site Services
Are they providing a skip for debris, as there certainly will be, and are they going to provide a porta-loo or use yours?

As standard by us

  • Screw Pile foundations included in the price for all soil conditions and slopes.
  • Planning permission service if required
  • Thermal insulation inside and outside
  • Vermin metal sheathing to bottom of floor
  • Full installation in our quotation
  • No concrete used – ever, a real green commitment
  • All timber FSC certified
  • Electrical connection to your fuse board included within 10 M of the garden room
  • Concealed electrics not surface mounted
  • Internet ready CAT 5 if required
  • Sound Insulation as standard
  • Skip on-site
  • All our rooms are plastered with 3mm skim, no cheap melamine boarding.
  • On-site every-day until completion.
  • Tough glass to all windows and doors
  • Painted
  • Laminate floor
  • Portaloo on site included in our quotation
  • Skip included in our quotation