You have probably decided that you need a garden office or simply a chill-out space.

That’s the easy bit. Finding the right supplier promoting the right specification for the build is not.

My web site is designed to be informative. It’s not a glossy site. It’s a practical guide and some basic guidelines to ensure you get the right product.

Who are our garden rooms for?

Our rooms are for those working from home full or part time that require peace and quiet and above all, superb construction and insulation at an affordable investment for year round use. Our rooms are for those who want value for money without skimping on quality.

Your Garden room can be, and should be an asset, not a liability.

We are changing the rules in construction, so you can have a place to work in comfort and have your Video calls, your phone calls and managing your spreadsheets without the distractions. You will just love what we can offer. From a garden office to your own pub bar.

We really are a good bunch of people to do business with.

We are, we admit, a little bit quirky with feature walls, new types of wall render finishes and designs in general and a love of sourcing all things British, such as our sheep wool named “Cosy wool” and British Larch cladding as well as our British made foil insulation. We’re also rather laid back, and so as opposed to wanting sale after sale we prefer to spend time with Clients and taking our time to simply do great work. It’s good for our health to chase quality and a satisfying project over just profit. Every one of our crew has a passion for our room standards and quality.

We have amazing knowledge of building and construction techniques and we know what works and what doesn’t. I speak with leading manufacturers and suppliers and we learn every week about latest products and current Building Regulations.

We also use CAD design programmes in house so if you want something different, talk to us. We like different, who wants the same.

Whilst we have some standard products, each can be modified. We don’t do off the production line,and it starts with you, designing the Home Garden Office from the inside.

Bespoke does not mean more costs it’s just taking the time and trouble to discuss options.

From this page it would be helpful to you to go to our what you really need to know page.
Thanks for looking at our site and I hope to see you soon.